About Me

Victoria Gleason is an actor, writer, storyteller and work shop facilitator.  Trained at L.A.M.D.A in London she also has a First Class Honors Degree in Drama from Queen’s University Belfast and a Masters in Creative Writing. 

Victoria has just played Gwendolyn in The Importance of Being Ernest with Centre Stage, a site specific performance at Lissan House.  Other theatre credits include, Mines, Mills and Maritime Kabosch Dir Paula McFetridge, Trafalgar  Peter Morgan Barnes, Married Bliss Centre Stage Dir Colin Carnigge, Marilyn A Synthetic Icon 2 B Scene, The Maids Belfast festival at Queen’s 2 B Scene Dir Josh Shultz.  Her Big Chance 2 B Scene.    Mary Ann’s Letters Jane Cassidy.

I got my first taste of what it was like to be an actor by chance I was in Youth Lyric and the Lyric where auditioning for their Christmas Show The Wind and The Willows I wasn’t first choice but the girls that where picked had GCSE exams so did I but I didn’t let that stop me and that was it I had my first taste of being an actor.  It was Mike Maloney who gave me my first break when at BIFHE studying Performing Arts he gave me the role of Obadiah Bobble Knob in our end of year show again I wasn’t first choice the other actor didn’t want to look silly so Mike gave me the part I now see this as a career high light, don’t think I’ll ever forget performing outdoors on the roof of Willowfeild.   I am lucky to have got the opportunity to work with Mike a colorful clown who we miss loads. 

Other fascinating facts:

Star Sign:  Capricorn, I’m not a typical Capricorn I also have Aquarius in my sign and that’s where my dreaminess comes from; my Capricorn traits would be my determination.

My Favorite things: Chocolate, going to Dongahdee with my family and walking out to the light house.  I love being by the sea. 

First arts experience as a child: 

As a child I was surrounded by art as my dad is artist Gerry Gleason. I remember going to lots of art galleries and going to Neil Shawcross art classes in Cromwell Road, there was very colorful dressing up too which was great fun and I would go back to Cromwell road as a teenager in the Youth Lyric. My Granny was a great story teller and I think that’s where my passion for storytelling comes from.

Personal artwork/ performance you are most proud of: 

The Piece of work I am most Proud of is a two act play the I wrote Forgotten Footfalls set in the final days of the old Down gaol, the play was performed by professional actors initially in the Black Box and then in the Ulster Hall as part of International women’s Day in the Ulster Hall Group Space.

3 fascinating facts about yourself people may not know: 

I have performed for royalty.

When I was a drama student in London I lived with one of the Bloomsbury group.

I met my husband when I was on stage. He was in the audience.