About Me

I studied Performing Arts at The Liberties College in Dublin a handful of moons ago. Since graduating I have attempted to do it all. I have not yet succeeded in doing this but have managed to play the role of a Merman in The Little Mermaid (World Tour) and I've clowned in the valleys of Kathmandu with a travelling circus called The Smile Project. Those are just two of the many adventures I have had during this thing I call a career.

First arts experience as a child: 

I used to draw a lot of cartoon style pictures. At first I would copy other peoples drawings and then I drew from imagination. Then I would compare the two and go back to copying other peoples. Then I would go out and play football.

Personal artwork/ performance you are most proud of: 

I was part of a play called Damage (Written & Directed by Patrick J. O'Reilly) in 2014. Damage was a huge challenge as it was so far removed from the comedic roles I usually play. I love a challenge. Unless it is to stay off flapjacks. That type of challenge is not welcome.

3 fascinating facts about yourself people may not know: 

I have climbed Kilimanjaro.

I can make an excellent panther sound.

I played the role of Jaws in the film Jaws.

Artist Website: