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What are your roles and responsibilities as an Event Manager with Young at Art Events?

My role is to manage various events organised by Young at Art Events to a high standard of customer care. I play a key role in presenting the public face of Young at Art Events and ensuring all events operate in a safe, friendly, smooth and efficient manner.

The main responsibilities include pick up and drop off of the arts materials box and costumes, to be on time for set up, to manage crowds and groups of people, chat with children and parents to keep them engaged, encourage individual creativity in participants, to ensure children are safe and close to parents especially on a walking tour, and to gather feedback and evaluate the event.

After the event I report feedback to the Programme Officer at Young at Art Events.

(An Event Manager may work alongside performers (for example character-based family walking tours), or as part of a team of 2-10 at workshop-based events. Young at Art Events take place in Belfast and across NI, and involves weekends and early evenings too.)


What do you enjoy most about being an Event Manager?

It is truly rewarding to see the children’s faces light up when they are creating something from their imagination. I love seeing how encouraged they are by their own artwork and creativity.

During one of the walking tours, a boy was playing games on his iPad while we were walking around Belfast City Centre. After a while I saw him give the iPad to his mum, even though she didn’t ask him for it. He realised he actually wanted to take part in the walking tour and he had so much fun! This really made my day and it encouraged the other event managers too.


What were some of your favourite events?

I have worked at countless art workshops but my favourite is always the mask making workshops.

I really enjoyed event managing on the trains from Bangor to Titanic Quarter and Derry to Botanic as part of the Big Days Out during Belfast Children’s Festival 2017.

I loved the walking tours at Christmas and Halloween with Belfast One, Kennedy Centre and The Junction. I love working with the public, and, as an event manager I go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a great time and stays safe. I really get into the theme and enjoyed dressing up and improvising as an elf on the Christmas tours, it was so much fun!


How did you originally get involved with YAAE?

I heard about working for Young at Art Events through word of mouth. My background was in books and dance and I was a dance teacher for different schools and community groups.

I have a passion for working with children and helping them develop their creative and imaginative skills. There is so much focus on the academic aspect of children’s development and I love seeing children express themselves through imagination and colour.


How long have you been Event Managing with YAAE?

Three years on Valentine’s Day!


What skills do you need to be an Event Manager?

Time management and organisational skills are the most important for a good event manager. Other key skills include being reliable, showing enthusiasm and having a passion for working with kids. An encouraging and bubbly personality is important to be able to chat away to families and particularly quieter kids to drive engagement. An interest in the arts is a plus. Teamwork and being proactive are important too.

(We say Michéle definitely shows all these qualities and skills. Our clients and families love working with her!)


What is it like to work with the Young at Art Events team?

Young at Art Events staff are always organised and they always provide the exact details and event brief that I need on a booking form. Any materials and costumes are always packed and ready for collection at the office before the event. Many staff, artists and other event managers are always willing to share their knowledge and creativity and I have made new friends through this fantastic organisation.


Join the Young at Art Events team

If you are interested in joining Young at Art Events as an event manager , please go our Work with Us page to download an application Pack and a Disclosure and Monitoring Form. All applicants MUST complete both forms provided and return them to admin@youngatart.co.uk 

No CVs. Hard copy applications will not be accepted