CPD Training
On Saturday March 30, we held our first Visual Art CPD training day. 'All About Art' was developed by Young at Art to support teachers in delivering child-led visual art experiences in the classroom.

The one-day participatory course focused on how best to engage children from 3 to 11 years in art experiences, to foster their confidence, problem solving, critical thinking and creative skills. The course was developed and delivered by Emma Berkery.

A diverse group of teachers, classroom assistants, day care staff, artists and FWB volunteers attended and the training received excellent feedback:

  • ‘Enjoyable day & inspirational. Helped to develop my confidence in approaching art activities with my class’
  • ‘I have never thought about visual art the way it was taught today’
  • ‘This training explains in more depth about why it is important for children to create their own types of art & how it develops confidence’
  • ‘Highly detailed & practical demonstration of why art is critical, skills – rich part of education – truly open to all’
  • ‘Made me reflect on my lessons in school and how I can change’
  • ‘Practical sessions. Really saw it from a child’s point of view'
  • ‘Great insight into communicating with children’
  • ‘There was lots of information & many ideas which I will implement in my classroom (nursery)
  • ‘Fabulous course, really recommend – very enjoyable & useful’
  • ‘Excellent training. Facilitator set the non-judgemental atmosphere really well (said from someone who is not confident at Art!!)’

When asked if they will use what they learned in the classroom, all replied Yes:

  • ‘Definitely. Will now rethink having whole class sculpting/using music, drawing material.’ ‘Important work to develop skills – risk taking, building confidence etc.’
  • ‘Use more open-ended questions’
  • ‘Use more time talking to them about what we are doing’
  • ‘By using a more child-led method’
  • ‘Creating to music linked to current classroom topic’
  • ‘Doing whole class art and exhibiting it to let the other children discuss it’
  • ‘Showing real life visuals’
  • ‘I will be providing materials for sculpture throughout free play time daily as an addition to language acquisition activities’
  • ‘I will put all into practice, particularly mark making to contrasting music. Child-led activities, less adult support, just facilitate’
  • ‘Music mark making’
  • ‘Inspiration board, not just artist’s work’
  • ‘Open-ended questioning in creative-writing workshops; encouraging them by asking rather than being too quick to offer value judgements’
  • ‘By using the theme of going on an adventure’
  • ‘Loved the music activity – great start to the day’
  • ‘I have already started getting the kids to talk about and look at each-others work but I feel more sure about putting this into practice and ensuring that I do it every time’

Participants enjoyed the participatory nature of the course, citing the most enjoyable aspects of the day as:

  • ‘Making artwork and reminding myself what it is like for the children’ 
  • ‘Creating pieces of artwork in different ways and looking at it differently’
  • ‘Drawing & painting to music at the very start -  no context, just go’
  • ‘the free-form sculpture activity’
  • ‘It was all very enjoyable but I especially enjoyed the last art activity based on the works of Matisse’

Important take-aways:

  • ‘Realising you don’t have to be artistic to be creative’
  • ‘Surprised by the amount of skills that kids can learn by engaging in art activities’
  • ‘That I am too perfectionist and just need to let go’
  • ‘How many ways open-ended art activities can enhance skills -  get out of your own way & theirs – open-ended, child-led art is where the truest learning is, because it rises from them’
  • ‘This training would be very beneficial in our school as we are too focused on perfect displays - majority created by adults’

Educators can access the training individually through a full day session in Spring 2020 (date to be announced). In the meantime, you can sign-up to the Schools/Education e-newsletter mailing list.

Training in Visual Art, Drama, and Storytelling and can also be held in your school or we can work with a number of schools, principal clusters or hubs. To register interest in this, contact Education Officer education@youngatart.co.uk or call 028 9023 0660.