Creative Child celebration
Wonderful morning hearing about the positive impact of the Creative Child programme 2017-18.

Artist and project support members were invited to hear about the preliminary findings from the evaluation of this year's Creative Child programme. Creative Child Coordinator Jackie Fauteux presented feedback and anecdotes from teachers, parents, and from the artist and project support team, showing how this programme increases confidence, imagination and critical thinking among children. Jackie and Emma also thanked the artist and project support team for their creativity, dedication and professionalism.

Here are a couple of comments from teachers:

The whole project is so inclusive of every child, regardless of their ability. Each child is allowed to be an individual and their opinions and ideas are always valued by the YAA team. This has encouraged us as teachers to be more open ended in our teaching, think more creatively and try to be less prescriptive.

It is such a great opportunity for the children to have experts come into the class,  it really inspired them. The class has asked me if every Friday they can put on a play of their own creation for me ever since their experience at the Strand. They really felt so respected at each workshop, that their ideas were valued so it has inspired them to be more creative every day.

Every single child is nurtured in this project, they get so many experiences they wouldn’t get otherwise. The facilitators were fabulous as well, this year was just top notch!