Oorlog (War), photographer ©Kurt Van der Elst
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“The punk attitude of a seven-year-old; I feel at ease with that. Children are perpetually confronted with authorities who decide what’s important for them. I like it when a play doesn’t honk its own horn, but when they think it is important.” Jetse Batelaan, Director Oorlog (War).

Children know more than we sometimes think (or want them to know) about war. Most will be learning about war in school, however the horror of war is on our TV screens and mobile devices daily at home.

Oorlog (War) does not feature any guns or other military equipment, and the uniforms the actors wear are very old-fashioned. The three actors are trying to pull through within a hostile space. Things come crashing down, they are being shot at by the audience and they don’t always agree with each other.

This award-winning production by Theater Artemis has been created for young people, with space to experience, imagine and share in a safe environment. It provides a launchpad to explore cause and effect, and how a spark can trigger a domino effect and can spiral out of control.

The show does not preach about how wrong war is, but rather asks the audience to consider how and where conflict begins i.e. within our own ideas and emotions, to differences between two or more individuals. And how there can be conflict within a family, community, or sports team, or how it can escalate to conflict between communities, gangs or ethnic groups.

Far from being a depressing or sad encounter, this highly imaginative production features edge of your seat action, and lots of surprises! 

Recommended for ages 7+, tickets are £10.
Opening #BCF19 on Friday 8 Mar at 7pm in The MAC, and also 3pm daily on Sat 9 and Sunday 10 March.

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