Mountain Goat Mountain


Fri 05 Mar 2021 to Wed 17 Mar 2021

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Available on Demand for up to 30 days from Fri 5 March

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Have you ever been to Mountain Goat Mountain? 

Mountain Goat Mountain is a magical place. Strange and wonderful happenings often take place. 

Mountain Goat Mountain is an audio theatre experience for families to do in their home together. With guided activities that help families set up, and step into their own imaginative world. Explore tunnels, lava pits and underwater caves without ever leaving your home.  

Mountain Goat Mountain will take you on a journey that bumps you out of the ordinary and into a world where you work together to uncover its secrets,and discover the hidden treasures in each other.  

“One of the most beautiful family arts adventures I have ever seen” Early Arts UK 


This event is an Interactive Audio Theatre Experience. Using the Book button will allow you to buy a 'Pass' that you can use for up to 30 days from Purchase.