All the Screen's a Stage

ZArts, The MAC and Young at Art

Fri 11 Mar 2022

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Grown Ups



Investigating digital interactivity and the performing arts for young people at home.

What are the most innovative and creative responses that came out of the world’s arts sector during the pandemic, that we can learn from and integrate into our future practice?  

This event is a 90-minute interactive presentation on digital art production and marks the beginning of year-long artistic investigation and development of compelling uses of performative art for young audiences without limitations of time and space.

The participatory masterclass will share inspirational ideas from the world of blended digital and physical performance, give insights into best practices and allow the audience to experience novel tools first-hand. It can be experienced in the room or online.

The event kicks-off an exciting new international collaboration funded through Four Nations. Over the next 12 months, the project will invite some of the artists and companies who make the most astounding, inclusive, interactive digital theatre to take part. The project is a partnership between Young At Art in Belfast; Z-arts in Manchester (England), the UK’s only dedicated arts centre for children and young people; and KOPERGIETERY, a creative venue for a young audience, with a focus on theatre, dance and music, in Ghent (Belgium).   

‘All the screen’s a stage’ will be delivered by the lead artists on the project, Ilja Van Autreve (KOPERGIETERY) and Tom Shennan (Z-arts). 


10 Exchange Street West
United Kingdom