Artist Ann Donnelly and P4 children from Cliftonville Integrated Primary worked together during 2016/17 to create Under Napoleon’s Nose, an exploration of their city through their own eyes.

Under Napoleon's Nose group image
Using photography, drawing, printing, adventures, and story telling the children and the artist created a powerful and intimate view of their lives. The work produced was exhibited during Belfast Children’s Festival 2017 in Ulster University.  
“My favourite part of the exhibition was everything.” Katie
“My favourite bit of the exhibition was seeing my photos, it was so much fun. I liked seeing other peoples photos.” Sophie
“The thing I enjoyed most about our exhibition was learning lots of specific words for different things like ‘transparent’ and the exhibition was everything. It was all great fun.” Oisín
“The thing I enjoyed most about our exhibition was learning how to use a disposable camera. It was really fun to take pictures outside our school. I took a picture of my bedroom, the waterworks, my granny and St. Peter’s Cathedral.” Olivia
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“It was fantastic for the children to see their work been given such importance.” 
Principal, Cliftonville Integrated Primary
“It was such a self-esteem boost for the children who really needed it.” 
“I hear them talking with a photographer’s eye. They are applying their new knowledge and can critically look at their own work.”
“I had no idea what the end would be – like stepping off the edge into the unknown. It was absolutely brilliant! Wonderful opportunity for the children.”
Ms. Thompson P4 Teacher