Art Workshops

Art Workshops & Themed Events

Colourful, crafty, quick (and clean), Young at Art Events offers an extensive range of over 30 making workshops.

We can offer a range of workshops, including:

  • Butterfly puppets and googly-eyed monster masks
  • Super Sparkly Specs
  • Pipe Cleaner Critters
  • Wiggly pen and pencil toppers
  • Flags, bunting and decorations
  • Funky feet
  • Peg animals
  • Door hangers
  • Animal masks
  • Seasonal themes: Christmas, Mother's Day, Halloween, etc.

We can also assist with:

  • Promotion of your event to over 6,000 people through our website, newsletters and social network sites.
  • Discounts for multiple bookings.
  • Bespoke workshop service to make workshops to your specific needs.


  • Testimonials

    • Thanks so much to Young At Art & Cathan for helping us with the launch of the Marsh-wiggle Way, the kids absolutely loved it so we hope Cathan enjoyed himself too.