Young at Art is currently seeking a company or individual to re-build their existing website and content management system.



Currently Young at Art communicates three main strands of business across a number of different websites and a selection of bespoke materials for each (samples available upon request).


2)    www.belfastchildrensfestival .com


4)  - we own this domain name but don’t have a website.  Some YAA projects may require more prominence/ visibility; the successful tender should advise best solution to facilitate this.

The existence of these different platforms has caused a breakdown in the overall brand identity and created barriers to people realising the magnitude of services and events Young at Art offer all year round outside of the festival.  

Young at Art will employ a design agency to devise a concept to consolidate our brand, who will then supply the successful tender with all the artwork and graphics they need to build ONE website to serve ALL Young at Art business and programme an effective content management system.

Completion and Submission of Tender Documentation:

The Tender, completed as directed can be returned via email to or in a sealed envelope to:-

The Marketing Officer


Young at Art

32-40 Waring Street


So as to be received no later than Friday 23rd May 2014 at 4pm.


CLICK HERE to download the full project brief and tender doc.