Submit an expression of interest form for the Office of Important Art today.


The Office of Important Art is a pop-up arts initiative set up by Young at Art.  Currently housed in CastleCourt Shopping Centre, it is a free space where children, young people and families can explore creativity through exhibitions, workshops, talks and seminars.

There are few restrictions on how the space can be used - no charges can be made for activities and no goods can be sold from the space.  However, a calendar of events is currently being prepared which will feature a range of live and exhibition events and Young at Art wants to hear from anyone interested in partnering on projects, bringing their work to a wider audience or simply borrowing the space for a time.  

There are also opportunities for non-arts companies to look at how they can engage with the initiative to bring their message to a wider public creatively with support from Young at Art Events, the company's events agency.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Office of Important Art - download and submit an expression of interest form today.  See links to documents below.