Northern Ireland's integrated bus and rail public transport company.



They have a customer-centric vision: They will provide integrated travel solutions that are attractive, sustainable and good value


The corporate values guide the development and choice of strategies to realise the corporate vision, deliver corporate objectives and relevant government policy. These values, which shape and define the culture of the organisation, are;

Safety: Safety is paramount. High standards will be maintained for customers, employees and the general public

People: Their people make the difference in the service our customers receive. They want to provide an environment to attract, retain and motivate the best

Community: Their services enrich the economy, the environment and the life of communities in a sustainable fashion. they want to be a good neighbour

Governance: Not only is this about control and accountability but also identifying and achieving objectives


To deliver their vision of customer focused growth whilst shaping up for the future;

  • to continue to improve bus and rail services
  • to make best use of all our assets
  • to enhance the commercial aspects of our services