Ryan and the Aliens

Glenwood Primary School

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One morning, Ryan woke from his slumber. He heard something crash outside and wondered what it was.

He went outside and realised that his house was now on Mars.

He went back inside to check the electricity was working and to see if his family and Fudge was okay. Fudge is a big dog, he got his name because his fur is a yellowy colour like fudge. Fudge is Ryan’s best friend.

‘What are we doing here? We’re supposed to be on Earth?’ he asked his mum and dad.

His mum and dad laughed and they said, ‘You’re lying!’

But Fudge interrupted, saying, ‘We’re on Mars!!!’

His mum and dad went outside to check. When they saw that Ryan wasn’t lying they apologised to him and said, ‘We’re sorry.’

They saw aliens with six thousand legs and three thousand eyes! Each one had thirty-seven noses and they all had brown afro hair.

‘This is madness!’ they all thought.

Dad got a knife from the kitchen thinking he might be able to stop the aliens…