Young at Art currently fundraise over half a million pounds each year to ensure that as many young people in Northern Ireland can have access to the arts as possible. Some of this money is publicly funded and therefore are not secure from one year to the next. Find out about donations, becoming a patron, sponsor or partner

Creative Child show tickets

We are reliant on additional support from our audiences and the local business community in order to be able to continue to do what we do best - deliver a varied programme of high quality arts events for children and young people all year –round and delivering an annual international festival.

Your donations feed directly into the producing budget for our international festival and the extensive education & outreach programme that supports it.

Every little helps

  • £5 – would buy a tee shirt for a Young at Art volunteer.
  • £10 – would support a child living in poverty to come to the Belfast Children's Festival. 
  • £20 – would buy a prop box for a school participating in our Creative Child programme.
  • £50 – would provide materials for one class as part of our Visual Arts Engagement Programme.
  • £125 – would cover the cost of a bus to bring a class of schoolchildren from a school in an area of social need to the Belfast Children's Festival. 
  • £400 – would provide CPD training to increase creativity in the classroom for up to 25 teachers in one school. 
  • £420 – would cover the costs of one school class in an area of high deprivation to receive 'Journeys and Stories', an engagement programme combating racism and improving community relations. 


Festival and project sponsor

Festival and project sponsors can benefit from a range of bespoke packages from title sponsor to event, accommodation or schools programme sponsor. All agreements will support business and promotional priorities, offer staff involvement, and particularly Corporate and Social Responsibility.

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In-kind sponsor

Many businesses provide valuable in-kind support in return for promotional benefits. Restaurants, hotels, print and design and transport companies have all supported Young at Art's work in the past.

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Nominated Charity

Private donations have ranged from £20 to £2,500 and have been sent by individuals and businesses who believe in the importance of Young at Art's work. Donations can be directed towards a specific purpose or towards general charitable work. If your business or staff team have a nominated charity, consider Young at Art for your support. Click here to DONATE today.

Staff involvement

Employers can provide staff support for the festival or for pro bono work as part of its commitment to volunteering and professional development.

Promotion and circulars

The majority of people coming to the festival hear about it from friends and colleagues. Young at Art can provide email templates, copies of brochures, leaflets and posters to promote the festival in your workplace or amongst friends.