Project supported by BBC Children in Need & Lloyds TSB

The Creative Child programme began in 2013 and drew on previous work from 2011 - 2014 in developing drama and critical appraisal skills in children and the adults in their lives.  

It is an extended engagement delivering workshops combined with performance visits and offering additional support and training to parents and teachers.  

It directly supports key priorities on child development and education, bringing under-engaged children forward and increasing literacy, confidence, imagination and critical vocabulary.  

Creative Child project is part of the Belfast Children’s Festival year round education programme. During this project we are working with 12 pre-schools and 6 primary schools across West and North Belfast .

  • Hope Nursery School
  • Tudor Lodge Nursery School
  • Hobby Horse Playgroup
  • Edenderry Nursery School
  • Black Mountain Nursery School
  • Shaftesbury Nursery School
  • Naiscoil Bheann Mhadagain
  • Naiscoil Mhic Reachtaij
  • Ballysillan Nursery School
  • Glenbank Nursery School
  • Cliftonville Nursery School
  • Seaview Nursery School
  • Ballysillan Primary
  • Seaview Primary
  • Cliftonville Primary
  • Bunscoil Mhic Reachtain
  • Bunscoil Bheann Mhagain
  • Our Ladys Girls Primary School

The project involves a Visual Art and a Drama workshop in February, followed by a visit to a live performance in Belfast Children’s Festival in March. The performance visit will be followed by a further Visual Art and Drama workshop towards the end of March.

Thanks to this project, children will receive a range of creative experiences designed to develop their imagination, creativity and ability to talk about their creative arts experiences.



8th -25th February

  • A unique creative experience in schools.
  • Workshops led by professional actors, choreographers and visual artists.
  • Creative exploration of themes and ideas from the chosen show.
  • The opportunity for pupils to explore the show through a vivid and imaginative creative process.


14th March - 7th April

  • A unique creative experience in schools.
  • Workshops led by professional actors, chorographers and visual artists.
  • A creative exploration of the themes, ideas and events from each show, through drama and visual art.
  • The opportunity to further understanding through a playful, process lead workshop.


11th - 18th April

  • A take-over of the theatre space by a primary or nursery class.
  • A unique creative experience for schools.
  • The opportunity to be in charge of the theatre space and to work with a professional actor to further explore drama.


11th - 28th April

  • A drama and games session with drama facilitators for each participating class.
  • The chance for parents to learn more about how they can use drama at home with their child.
  • A chance for children to re-visit previous themes and creative ideas and to have fun with their parents in a creative setting.

The Creative Child project is funded by BBC Children in Need and Lloyds TSB.